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Graanveld Primaryschool Added on 12 November 2011
EWAS Testimonial
We at Graanveld have mostly Sotho speaking learners, but our medium of instruction is English. We do get many learners entering the school with little or no understanding of English. These learners are put on the EWAS programme and attend 3 periods a week. It is so wonderful to experience their level of understanding as they progress on the programme. The fact that a lot of the learning is done through singing and music stimulates our learners more, because they do not experience a formal class situation. All learning is done through singing, rhymes and games.  When they hear the CD playing the older learners, who have already completed the programme, will sit in their classes and sing the songs! Seeing them role-play with the Brother and Sister Bear hand puppets is such a pleasure. Without concentrating the words just come out spontaneously. Like the one child said to me one day, "teacher now I can speak English!"
EWAS stands for" English with a Smile" and the words of that learner says it all - Now I can!! The progamme is very user friendly and all the props, masks etc. are very colourful and on the level of the learners. It is easy to use, as the whole programme is already worked out and divided into short effective lessons which one can just go over and present each time. I can really recommend this programme to schools with learners whose home language is not English. We even use this programme for our older Grade 4 and 5 learners who enter our school from Sotho schools. The older learners progress faster on the programme but still enjoy all the activities. 
I can really say that EWAS empowers a learner from understanding absolutely nothing to being able to express him/herself in English effectively.
Ilma de Jager
Graanveld Primary School, Bethlehem