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 Computer Applications Technology

Skillspro Group are the LEADERS in Complete ICT Solutions.
CAT is the effective use of information and communication technologies in an end-user computer applications environment in different sectors of society. The CAT syllabus starts in schools in January 2006.  The Skillspro manuals are based on the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) for grades 10 – 12 and the Assessment Guideline September 2005. Th Skillspro was revised  according to the NCS and Assessment Guideline January 2008.  
Target Group: Grade 10-12 Students
Students write Department of Education Assessments.
Computer Applications Technology equips learners with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to create, design and communicate information in different formats. It also makes it possible for learners to collect, analyses and edit data as well as to manipulate, process, present and communicate information to different sectors of society. 

Advantages of Skillspro CAT Curriculum Manuals

Keyboarding Module 1-5
  • Typing Exercises in Afrikaans and English.
  • Manuscript Typing Exercises in Afrikaans and English.
  • Speed Exercises in 10 different languages (Afrikaans, English, Venda, Tsonga, Zulu, Tswana, Xhosa, Northern Sotho, Sesotho and Portuguese).
CAT Teacher’s guide with CD (templates and Samples) and Learner Guide

All Learning Outcomes and Assessment criteria’s are covered in the same sequence as the assessment guideline.

Learning Outcomes


 Manuals are based on NCS Principles:
  • Outcomes-based education.
  • High knowledge and high skills.
  • Integration and applied competence.
  • Progression.
  • Credibility, quality and efficiency.
  • Social transformation.
  • Human rights, social justice.
  • Articulation and portability.
  • Valuing knowledge system.

Now’s the Time to Think Far Ahead.

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  • Operational Knowledge of ICT.
  • Integrated appropriate end user computer applications.
  • Information Management.
Operational knowledge of ICT includes:
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Networked environments
  • Information and Communication Technologies in different environments.
  • Computer ethics, security and viruses.
  • Ergonomics, health and safety issues.
  • Social and environmental issues.
  • Using an operating system including file management.
  • General trouble shooting.
Integrated appropriate end user computer applications includes:
  • Word processing.
  • Spreadsheet.
  • Database.
  • Additional programs of own choice (e.g. Presentations, DTP, Web design, etc)
Information Management includes:
  • Locate, collect, process, present and communicate information
  • Problem solving.
  • Creative and critical thinking.
  • Practical Assessment tasks (PAT).
  • Research Projects.