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Professional Development Program

Giving Educators Technology’s Edge”
Why leave Teachers Out of the Equation?

Teachers today face challenges never before contemplated.  They must prepare students for a world that practically moves at lightspeed.  That means graduating students equipped with 21st century skills.  Technology know-how that satisfies a tech-ravenous job market.  Technology skills that are going to help graduates excel.   Responsibility for students’ success lies with educators - all too often, training-neglected teachers.
In fact, teachers have benefited little from investment in their technology training.  Future-Teacher delivers a powerful professional development solution to this tech training deficiency.  In short, we give educators technology’s edge.  And in the process, we enhance student achievement and reduce district costs. 

Futurekids and Skillspro is not just transforming schools.
Future-Teacher is transforming education on this planet. 
Now’s the Time to Think Far Ahead

The Technology Quandary

For years, many  schools purchased endless arrays of new hardware in their efforts to provide students with technology education. Unfortunately, what has resulted is a situation in which school after school invested in shiny new computer labs but did not deliver on the promise of true technology education.

With 20/20 hindsight, it is easy to see why. Schools did not adequately define or implement comprehensive, long-term technology plans.

Many schools incorrectly assumed that they would be able to find good computer teachers or that their staff would miraculously develop computer skills on their own. Neither happened. Without basic skills training and necessary tools like a technology curriculum - one based on a scope and sequence (Futurekids curriculum) - teachers were at a distinct disadvantage.

Educators and parents alike have come to understand the tremendous impact technology will have on today’s youth. Experts believe that 80 percent of the jobs available in the next century will require skills - namely, technology skills - held by only 50 percent of today's workforce. This means our schools must graduate students who are not only computer literate but who are also fully fluent in the use of diverse technologies and applications.

To achieve this goal, schools must spend technology finances wisely. Buying the right equipment, providing basic teacher training, hiring technology instructors, utilizing a technology curriculum and managing a well-thought-out technology plan are all steps schools must take to prepare students and teachers for life in the 21st century. Having implemented these steps, it is then crucial to ensure that technology is fully embraced by teachers and integrated into classrooms.

To solve the problem- Partner with the Skillspro Group

The Skillspro group is the leading provider of computer-fluency and integration training for both students and faculty.

Our Solution Creates Results 

Our vision is to bring 21st century skills to teaching and learning.  We do this by helping teachers use technology in lesson planning, student assessment and reporting as well as through integrating technology into curriculum.  Working directly with educators, we:
  • Assess the current technology infrastructure,
  • Evaluate current administration, teacher & student technology competency levels.
  • Plan and create a program based on needs and help secure necessary funding.
  • Train teachers in IT and technology integration.
  • Mentor teachers during the implementation.
  • Process and tailor courseware to meet specific needs.
  • Assess results.
Future-Teacher  bringing teachers from around Africa together to share best practices and collaborate. Introduces students and teachers to peers and colleagues internationally. 

Future-Teacher Professional Development Program

When teachers and administrators understand the types of technology available and understand how to implement that technology, student learning outcomes are improved. 

  • Initial Teachers Training.
  • Skillspro IT Training - 10 core technology areas - Operating System, Word-processing,Spreadsheets, Multimedia, Database, Telecommunications etc.
  • Integration training.
  • Coaches, Mentor, Facilitators and Assessors Training.