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US 115753 - Assessor’s 

Certificate: Conduct Outcomes-based assessment 
SAQA Qualification ID 115753
Minimum 15 credits
NQF level 5

Purpose of the Assessor’s qualification

This unit standard is for those who assess people for their achievement of learning outcomes in terms of defined standards, including national curriculum statements, unit standards, exit level outcomes and qualifications, whether in learning institutions, the workplace or other environments.

Those who achieve this unit standard will be able to conduct assessments within their fields of expertise.
Assessor’s qualification for teachers - Skillspro has also adapted the Assessors qualification to be in line with the NCS terminology and school-based assessments and portfolios. It has been tailor-made for school educators.

Assessors Course Content 
Candidates will achieve the following outcomes:
  • Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment
  • Prepare for assessments
  • Conduct assessment
  • Provide feedback on assessments
  • Review assessments
Recommendations in Relation to ETD Practitioners as Assessors, and those Assessors who are not ETD Practitioners

For SAQA, all practitioners who will be responsible for the assessment of the achievement of learning outcomes leading to qualifications and standards registered on the NQF should, over a period of four years, become certificated assessors and registered constituent assessors for specified qualifications and/or standards.  All grades – from grade 0 – FET is listed on the NQF.
SAQA is of the view that the term ‘assessor’ can refer to both practitioner–assessor and an assessor who is not a practitioner. The notion of the education and training practitioner being both the learning facilitator and assessor means that teachers, lecturers and trainers who traditionally have administered assessment in addition to facilitating learning should become registered constituent assessors for specified standards and qualifications once they have met all the necessary criteria.
The new standards for all ETD practitioners will in future incorporate the generic assessor standard, and qualified practitioners in the future will be automatically listed on the NLRD as having achieved this standard. Thereafter they will have to meet any additional requirements put in place by the relevant ETQA (for example, criteria relating to experience) in order to become registered constituent assessors for particular standards and/or qualifications.

Skillspro / Future - Teacher have an excellent training record and a have a group of very experienced trainers!
Each participant receives comprehensive reference material for Unit Standard on CD as well as a POE file, workbook, and assessment instruments. During the workshop learners will prepare a portfolio of evidence to submit for assessment against the unit standard.  As soon as you are found competent, and once Future-Teacher has received endorsement from the ETDP SETA, we will issue the necessary certificate.
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