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Skillspro 40-Modular Series

Skillspro is training the Skillspro 40- Modular series in the adult education and corporate training market with great success. The curriculum could also be deployed in secondary schools, or for professional development.

 Looking towards the future:

"Our kids need to be at the forefront of technology as they graduate and enter the workforce of the next century, and Skillspro are making sure they get there".

We currently service students, teachers and administrators within the Grade R-12 schools, FET market and Corporate market.

Benefits of Skillspro Curricula - Learning Material 

  • Step-By-Step directions for instruction totally eliminates the need for hours of preparation  and extensive research.
  • Manuals are ideal for Classroom training but can also be used as self-paced manuals.
  • Learning Material has a modular approach with progression of skills per module.
  • Manuals are designed to meet ALL the Skills Shortages from starter to specialised level.
  • Friendly designs with many screenshots facilitates easy understanding.
  • Realistic scenarios and work-related case studies promote easy learning.
  • Tips provide useful information to develop learner's skills.
  • Summaries and self-assessments at the end of each chapter/ module allows learners to consolidate and reflect on their work.
After completing 20 Compulsory Skillspro Modules, ACE students received 2 Credits. After completing 36 Compulsory Skillspro Modules, ACE Students received 4 Credits = 1 Major Subject at ACE. 

Technology Areas Covered:

  • Keyboarding (5 Modules).
  • Operating System – Windows (3 Modules).
  • Word processing (9 Modules).
  • Spreadsheets (8 Modules).
  • Desktop Publisher (2 Modules).
  • Basic Concepts of IT (2 Modules).
  • Multimedia (5 Modules).
  • Database (7 Modules).
  • Internet (4 Modules).
    Skillspro Curricula Consists of a Facilitator Guide, Learner Guide, Assessments, CD with Templates and Samples.


Our unique mentoring program puts Skillspro Regional managers on site to give hands-on help. Skillspro Regional Managers establish a valuable, ongoing relationship with our Clients.  They are an important part of a comprehensive training superstructure built to ensure that technology gets integrated, now and in the future. 

Hands-on Curriculum training once a term enables teachers to ask questions firsthand and receive direct, immediate feedback. 

Online assistance at our support centre is only a computer screen away at all times.

Suggested Implementation 2009

Combination 1:

Combination 2:

  • Spreadsheets Module 2 and 3
  • Word-Processing Module 4
  • MultiMedia Module 1, 2 and 3
  • Internet Module 2
  • Basic Concepts of IT Module 1

Combination 3:

  • Word- Processing Module 5, 6 and 7
  • Database Module 1, 2 and 3
  • Basic Concepts of IT  Module 2
  • Multi Media Module 4

Combination 4:

  • Windows Module 3
  • Spreadsheets Module 4, 5 and 6
  • Desktop Publishing Module 1 and 2  
  • Internet Module 3 and 4

Combination 5:

  • Word-Processing Module 8 and 9
  • Database Module 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Multi Media Module 5 (only XP) 
  • Spreadsheets Module 7 and 8

There is no cheaper way to provide our learners with extra skills and certificates that will assist them in finding employment once they leave school, than putting them through the Skillspro 40-Modular series (Combinations 1-5).

Learners can be enrolled at Skillspro to write the Assessments and thereafter receive an accredited certificate. 

Companies can tailor made our IT courses to suite their individual needs. On-site training available on request. 


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