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Skillspro Community Upliftment Project (CUP)

Skillspro Group mission is to

  • expand and enrich the learning environment.
  • promote educational and training excellence.
  • encourage creative thinking, lifelong learning, social responsibility, community upliftment and Nation building.

Upliftment of poverty

Education is one of the root causes of poverty and crime, and education can make the difference between temporary alleviation and long-term solutions.
The Skillspro Group has the solution to integrate ICT efficiently and effectively in mainly rural area schools across South Africa.
The Skillspro Group started the 5 year SkillsCUP to reach their dream to uplift poverty in South Africa:
  • They will provide Future-Teacher professional development programme for all the educators and administrators at selected schools. 
  • Complementing the professional development course is the FUTUREKIDS computer integrated curriculum for students in Primary schools and the SKILLSPRO integrated curriculum for students in Secondary schools.
    The Future-Teacher professional development programme not only helps teachers integrate learned technology skills into their own curriculum, but also shows them how to use technology specifically to affect student achievement. Plus, Future-Teacher is flexible and able to accommodate the individual scheduling needs of each school.

Skillspro/Future-Teacher Professional Development Programme 

When teachers and administrators understand the types of technology available and understand how to implement that technology, student learning outcomes are improved.  

  • Initial Teachers Training.
  • IT Training.
  • Integration training.
  • Coaches Training.
  • Mentor Training.
  • Facilitators Training.
  • Assessors Training.  
Get involved - Let us fight poverty and crime together and build an
educated South Africa!
If your Company wants to help sponsering our SkillsCUP or wants to get involve in any other way  -  please contact  Gerda Janse van Rensburg - gerda@skillspro.co.za immediately.
Your contribution can make the difference!