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Skillspro 2010 Soccer World Cup Curriculum

From June 2010 South Africa will host the fifa soccer world cup - this be a first for South Africa and Africa.

The SkillsPro group has decided to provide an exciting  2010 Soccer IT curriculum to all our current Futurekids schools. 
Benefits to all schools
  • Well prepared IT lessons from Grade R - 7 for the teachers to kick-start the 2010 feeling in schools.
  • Fun lessons with progression of IT Skills per grade.
  • Enhance classroom knowledge / link with classroom themes.
  • Encourage creativity.
  • Promote co-operative learning.
  • Lessons promote enrichment / remedial activities.
  • Take into account individual learning styles of learners.
  • Promote language development – new vocabulary. 
  • Additional soccer graphics for use in class.
  • Links to 2010 soccer / tourism websites.
  • Additional information on the Soccer World Cup in the form of handouts.
  • Part of Nation building.
  • Create a sense of national unity to support our  Bafana team. 

 One FREE Soccer IT lesson per week.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4 & 5
Grade 6 & 7

Come and Join the Skillspro team in the 2010 build-up! Contact us now!

Buy your own Soccer IT Curriculum - now also available on CD

  • Foundation Phase (Grade R-3) Soccer Curriculum: R1500 per Phase.
  • Intermediate/Senior Phase ( Grade 4-7) Soccer Curriculum: R1500 per Phase.

Place your order now at gerda@skillspro.co.za and enjoy the benefits of  the Skillspro Soccer IT Curriculum!