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Duration of Course 
  • Graphics Beginner and Advanced course.
  • 40 hours Training and 4 hour Assessment.  

    Target group

    Grade 10-12 Learners, art students, educators and other adults.
    Learn how to: 
    ·         Create exciting digital art.
    ·         Complete a series of challenging projects.
    ·         Explore a variety of artistic techniques.
    ·           Use drawing, painting and 3-D rendering applications to create and to manipulate digital art.
    ·         Stimulate a Learners interest in Drawing.
    ·         Particularly of value to Art Learners.
    ·         Positive influence on learners Art Marks.
    ·          Develop Creative thinking.
    ·          Learners who are interested in using artistic principles to create computer generated drawings.