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Future-Fun CAPS
Integrating classroom content and computer technology

Futurekids has developed a brand new series called Future-Fun CAPS.  This exciting new integrated series has been developed to assist teachers.  It provides the teacher with an e-book that contains a lesson plan and media resources that are fully aligned and integrated with CAPS. 


Future-Fun CAPS is an innovative curriculum based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement for primary schools that integrates computer education and the different subjects that pupils do at school such as Mathematics, English, Life Skills, Natural Science, Social Sciences Arts and Culture, Economic and Management Science and Technology. 


There is a progression of ICT skills per grade as the different subjects are integrated into the different software applications.  Future-Fun CAPS includes multi-media presentations, videos, songs, ICT integrated lessons, interactive whiteboard lessons, internet activities and Futurekids software activities.

·       Future-FUN CAPS Curricula - Our electronic CAPS research material per grade covers all subject areas per topic/content area and theme.

Please view our YouTube videos on Future-FUN CAPS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI754cy3JI0

Future-FUN CAPS includes:
  • Assessment EBooks per term per subject include
    • Assessment Plans,
    • Assessments with Memorandums/Rubric and
    • Score sheets.   
  • Multimedia Presentations (Afrikaans and English)
    • o    CAPS Content
    • o    Self-Correcting Questioners
    • o    Flash Cards
  • ·       Videos and Songs
  • ·       ICT Integrated Lessons (Templates available in Afrikaans and English)
  • ·       Interactive Activities
  • ·       ANA test revision eBooks with Self-correcting Power Points

Main product features:

It is a South African product.

It has been developed for South African teachers and learners.

It is aligned with the CAPS curriculum and can easily be implemented per Topic and Theme or Content area and Topic (Maths).

Integrating Technology into all Teaching and Learning areas.

Focus is on consolidating classroom content, knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

The lessons fully integrate technology with classroom content (seamless integration).

It can be used on any white board, whether it is interactive or not.

Lesson material is enhanced with Content PowerPoints, Flash Cards, Self Correcting Questionaires, video clips, songs, educational games, online learning content and interactive activities.

q Constant and on-going research adds the correct information to lesson plans.

q Assessment Ebooks per term per subject with Assessment plans, Formative Assessments and Memorandums/Rubric and Scoresheets.

Focus on Self Correcting, interactive Ana tests of previous years in a FUN way.

Visual, Auditory and TactileStimulation make learning more effective.

There are lesson plans for the facilitator in the form of English e-books.

E- Publications are colourful, interactive, animated, functional, realistic and relevant per subject and grade.

Save hours of preparation and research time for the teachers.

PowerPoint Presentations make it easier and quicker to work through the current lesson plans provided by Government.

Electronic display help you to keep better eye contact with Students – not necessary to turn your back to the class to the write on the board.

Improve the quality of education.

Future-Fun CAPS bring Global knowledge and experience into every Classroom.

Add more resources to Teaching and Learning.

Focus on the 3 R’s of Education – Reading, wRriting and aRithmetic.

Future-Fun CAPS further focusses on 5 other R’s as well: Repetition, Remedial, Revision, Reinforcement and Research.

Cover different Educational Methodologies.

Develop an interest in and enjoyment of the many uses of computers.

Develop an awareness of computer technology and its role in society.

Develop an appreciation of the use of computers in solving a wide variety of problems in information and communication technology.

Help pupils acquire computer skills and knowledge which can be applied in future training, studies or real life situations.

Encourage creativity and logical thinking.

The interactive multimedia presentations offer opportunities for co-operative learning and, therefore, opportunities to discuss, communicate, take turns and share information.

Subject Enrichment Activities per grade.

Cover general knowledge and add value to current school curriculum.

Fun Interaction activities keep the attention span of students.

Focus on Language: Vocabulary and Sentence structure.

Focus to improve the Ana-test results in schools.

The Futurekids mentoring programme enables our Regional Managers to provide assistance and our support centre is available to assist by phone, e-mail or online.

Hands-on Curricula training once a term in cluster groups enables teachers to ask questions first-hand and receive direct, immediate feedback.

Futurekids implement an ICT program that teaches specific skills for both teachers and students so the technology can become a purposeful tool for learning - empowerment.

Progression of ICT skills per Grade.

The success of the implementation of Future-Fun CAPS will be measured against a set of key performance indicators such as ICT fluency of students, primary school completion rates, and pass rates.

Electronic E-Publications enhance the availability of reading resources to learners.

E-Publication reduces the risk of materials being destroyed or stolen easily.

The Future-Fun CAPS bring the poorly resource schools closer to the resource rich schools following the same curriculum.  Children in rural area schools therefore could stand a better chance of passing their examinations.

Presentations and templates are available in Afrikaans and English, and can be translate in other Languages.

Linked to Department of Education Workbooks.

Subject Content rich.
Why do we implement electronic teaching and learning?

Because it is there! Learners grow up with technology expectations.

Interactive technology addresses different learning styles.

Attention Span disorders are addressed.

Difficult topics are covered easier by experienced presenter, or animated content.

“Screenagers” – expect certain level of entertainment, hence the concept “edutainment”.

Self Correcting and immediate feedback – no need for teacher to mark work in red pen and only reflect hours or days after activity has been completed as interactive technology can immediately provide feedback.

“Time Fillers” – meaningful 10 – 15 minute activities when it is difficult to keep learners’ attention.

Improved teaching in learning: interactive technology includes remedial, repetition, revision and reinforcement of material in a fun way.

Starter activities – with or without teacher assistance, engaging learners’ attention immediately while the teacher/other learners are preparing/entering class.

Where do ICT skills fit in?

Full ICT integration, whether it is in the computer lab or classroom.

Word processing, spread sheet, presentation, graphics and general IT skills

Progression of ICT skill per grade per phase.

ICT teacher becomes champion: overseas implementation with grade/subject head and ensures minimal downtime.


These lessons can be presented in two ways:   


1.      The class teacher teaches both the content, by using the media resources provided, as well as the technology (IT Skills) to the learners.  Learners will be invited to the front to complete instructions given by the teacher on the white board or they can complete activities on their computers.


2.      Two different educators teach Future-Fun CAPS:

a)    The educator in the classroom teaches content using our media resources and reviews/consolidates the learning area content through e-learning.

b)    The computer teacher teaches classroom content and focuses on integrated technology.


Benefits of Future-Fun CAPS curriculum:


New curriculum implementation made easy for teachers.

The curriculum is loaded with extras to make learning exciting for both teachers and learners.

Interactivity enhances learner involvement.

Different forms of media address different learning styles and preferences.

Multimedia (songs, dances, rhymes, videos and presentations) enhances learner’s attention span.

Introduces new learning content and consolidates learning

Teachers need not be IT literate to implement the product.

Saves preparation time by teachers.  No need to sift through media available on the internet.

Effective use of technology – projectors, whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, tablet devices and pc.

Specific to CAPS curriculum requirements, themes and topics.

Only curriculum in South Africa that covers both class room content and ICT skill content.

Eco-friendly: all material is distributed electronically. Printed manuals are optional.