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Mokopane Added on 08 November 2008
What the Future Kids Programme has done for us
The obvious benefit of having this Futurekids Programme at our school is that our learners become familiar with the computer, its language and various applications. They have acquired skills that they will need in our technologically advancing world.    The professionally managed programme ensures continuity.
We have many learners with no access to computers at home. For them this is an excellent opportunity to acquire skills they would otherwise not have had. All the learners have benefited positively.  
Learners have become more aware of the world beyond the classroom.   Their teacher Joanne encourages them to explore the world and they have gained a lot of general knowledge. They are also in contact with learners from other schools around the world.
M.E.P.S. learners are fortunate to be affiliated to this programme. They have become more confident because of it and they know that learning can be fun.
Board members:
Mr. Zunaid Tayob
Mr. Suliman TAyob
Mr. Ahmed Cachalia
Mr. Ted Muhajir
Mr. Riaz Bhyat