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Carpe Diem School Added on 27 September 2010
To whom it may concern,
For the past 10 years, Futurekids/Skillpro has been a great part of Carpe Diem School. Joanne Grosel was the very first Futurekids/Skillpro Trainer. When I took over from her in 2008, they were already well established and on the go with the program. She however had only half day classes. As I took over, the classes grew dramatically, resulting in a full five day a week roster.
Since 2008, Futurekids/Skillspro has had a huge positive effect on my teaching career and the learners of the school. Not only did I learn so much about computer for young and old, but I’ve also had a blast in class. Some days, I think I’ve enjoyed the lesson more than the learners did! The knowledge that has been incorporated into these lessons has amazed the students and at times, me! The lessons, the research and the planning are top notch! Every primary school should invest in Futurekids, not only does the student gain valuable knowledge; they are also ENJOYING the learning process.
The Soccer World Cup 2010 lessons were the most enjoyable experience I’ve had as a teacher. We had a countdown, along with the rest of the world, in class, we played soccer games on MS Power Point, we created mascots in MS Paint, we kept score of every game and of course the highlight of the term: MASCOT DAY! Not all of us could afford to go see a game live, but Futurekids ensured that we were part of it and now all my students can say “I was there!”
Futurekids has introduced the little ones to computer technology in a fun and fantastic way. It’s easy for me as the educator and for the child as the learner to grasp the concept. Skillspro has developed the skills (gained Futurekids) of the senior learner tremendously to a professional level. Some of these learners now know more than I do! We’ve had four graduates (major) in the last three years, they all graduated with distinctions. 
Not only does Futurekids/Skillspro educate academically, but strong bonds and powerful relationships have been formed through the training of this program, between the students and me. It is not only my students that benefits from this, but I do to in so many ways! The skills and knowledge I’ve gained through teaching this program, is the opposite of MasterCard…priceless!
This program is essential to every child, I’ve learned that some students who struggles to perform in the learning centre, has improved a lot since they’ve been part of Futurekids/Skillspro. 
The knowledge and the skills they gain in Futurekids/Skillspro will last them a lifetime!
Thank you Futurekids/Skillpro for sharing my passion for teaching!
Yours sincerely,
Illze Malan
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