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Eduard du Preez Added on 12 November 2011



Skillspro Group making the difference in his life!
Eddie is my friend, he is now aged 26, he was a young, vibrant and energetic student. He loved socializing, music and friends. Eddie never kept quiet and was always around his friends.
In early September 2009, Eddie (as we call him) was in a horrific car accident. He was thrown from the car and the car landed on his body several times. He was hurt badly and was in ICU for weeks, we didn't think he would survive the accident. We didn’t even think he was going to be around for Christmas 2009. Eddie broke his left arm (he is a lefty!), his ear was torn off, and his jaw was broken, but the worst injury was to his brain. There was a lot of bleeding on his brain and it kept on swelling. The doctors initially thought his right side of his body would be paralyzed, as he was not moving that side of his body at all for weeks. My husband and I (then my fiancé) visited him every week in hospital. Eddie had a great job before the accident and desperately wanted to pursue graphic designing. He certainly had the drawing talent! Unfortunately Eddie didn’t have a medical scheme and ended up in a provincial hospital in Polokwane. They started draining fluids from his brain and he had all sorts of complications. It felt to his parents and friends that the list of challenges were
Early in 2011 I send an email to Gerda regarding Eddie, I asked if we could enroll him into the Skillspro program, Eddie is a very talented drawing artist. I explained his situation and that he is unable to cope in a normal class atmosphere. Because he didn’t have any medical aid when the accident happened, the expenses was so great for his parents, that they could no longer afford further education for Eddie to finish his Graphic Designing. Eddie had to get a simple job to assist his parents with the daily expenses. Within a week I received a reply from Gerda. Skillpro will be sponsoring Eddie’s first 8 modules! I sobbed while I dialed his father’s office, his father cried when I told them the great news. The word JOY could not describe it enough!
 Eddie is well on his way with the program, he will be writing his first assessment in October. He enjoys the modules and can’t thank Skillspro enough. He attends one on one class on weekends at my house. Eddie might never recover a 100%, but with his sincere dedication and GIFT from Skillspro, we sure as heaven will try!
Thank you Skillspro for helping me make a tremendous difference in life, even if it is one person at a time! I thank God that I am able and I am humbled by this opportunity.