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Kragbron Laerskool Added on 11 September 2013

Laerskool Kragbron has been using the Future Fun Caps for the second term now. There are still some of our educators that are getting used to their projectors and their whiteboards. To quite a few of them this is a very new way of teaching. The FFC lessons are worked out according to Caps. It makes life a lot easier for educators.

 The educators are very excited about the FFC. Especially the Gr 1 – 3. The Intermediate and Senior Phase are also very happy; although they can’t wait for the other subjects, too arrive. The lower grades are happy with all the videos. There are some of the educators in Gr 1 that used it with their educator’s evaluation.

Because the learners of today are much more visually stimulated this is a valuable tool to keep their attention in class. They concentrate much better. Learners are growing up in a world of technology. The more you make use of the technology that is available the more the children co-operate in the class.

I am sure that the FFC will be used much more in future, and will become a valuable tool in any educator’s arsenal. Educator’s that don’t use this are missing out.

Thanks Futurekids for a great programme.

Hannelie Wolmarans

Laerskool Kragbron