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Voorpos Primary School Added on 11 September 2013

Future fun CAPS.

A big problem in our world these days is children do not read as much as they should and that makes it difficult for them to spell properly and be able to do or understand their day to day work in class.

It is already hard in computers seeing as they have to be able to read to open files and work, some cases it is possible to just use the pictures. 
With CAPS it made it so much more interesting and easy to learn them spelling and maths (most difficult subjects) in a different way where they can relate and understand it and have fun at the same time.
It gave them a little boost in the beginning of my lesson to watch the VLC video clips that made them understand the work more because it is in a more visual, understandable format that they enjoy and can relate with. Made the lesson fun and worth trying hard for. 
Biggest reaction I got was from the Grade 1-4 seeing as they still very young at heart and love to
see more than do.
Some of our teachers go the opportunity to have their name drawn to receive a projector in their class. With the new CAPS at hand they could now use it in the class together with their lessons to help the children. Next year when we fill another 6 classrooms with projectors I think it will even grow bigger from there. I will be using it a lot more in term 4 seeing as it is crunch time for grade 4-6 for end of year report. It will help for that extra mile.
 I am looking forward to the latest additions to come, to see what they have in store for the children. I definitely think this was a good idea and can only grow from here on out.
Voorpos Primary School
Computer teacher

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