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Greenspark Primary School Added on 11 September 2013

I am a Grade 3 teacher and HOD at an underperforming school that recently merged with local farm schools

Our school is a parallel medium school with Afr.  and Eng as Home Language and a great variety of venecular.

Future Fun Caps provides me with as an educator support material that links in well with CAPS, DBE Books and GPLMS

They do the research for me on the internet and provide me with power points, video material and interactive games at the touch of a button.  This brings the world into my classroom already subject and skill specific.

The materials are colourful and fun. It attracts the attention of the learners and stimulates discussions, vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

In Maths many skills are addressed in a fun and creative games. Basic skills can be re-visited year on year helping learners to understand basic maths language and skills.

Life Skills are addressed in a fun, sensitive way supporting a moral Christian ethos.

Sciences are done with visual material demonstrating processes that takes a long period of time in a lesson context. Therefore, it enables the learners to understand the concepts being taught better.

I only need a computer to start with for small group teaching and for whole class teaching I add a projector and a white wall.  Most cost effective when taking into consideration the costs of textbooks and other resource materials.

The benefits for me as an educator:

·        It gives me immediate access to top quality, colourful materials at the touch of a button. No storage issues.

·        Teacher training and support on ICT skills are included.

·        Vocabulary development excellent

·        Most importantly it brings the world into my classroom!


Sandra Kruger

Greenspark Primary School