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Khiphofia Home Centre in Howick, KZN Added on 11 September 2013

My children have practiced the counting to help them remember it better.

Brigitta is only six and it's easier to put the computer on and let her sing along, while I get things done around the house, than to count with her over and over. As I had to with the other 3! When I had them doing a test recently, she had to write the even numbers in sequence, so she sang it out loud and then wrote the answers. It was too cute.

 A week or so later, my husband was working in the garden singing her counting song, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, ten ten ten. It was so funny! He didn't even realise what he was singing, just that Brigitta is always singing it.

 This week we had to go to PMB in the morning and miss some school. She and Bjorn sang counting in 3s 4s 5s and 10s. Bjorn uses it now doing his long multiplication. Its so clever and much easier.

Regards, Gika