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Thabazimbi Christian School Added on 08 November 2008

The Thabazimbi Christian School was started in 1966 and opened with 15 students. It is situated on the Kumba Iron Ore property and occupies mine buildings. We are so fortunate to have adequate learning centre accommodation, toilets, recreation hall and a large playground for our 55 students.

Our Admin. Section and Futurekids Media Centre are in a different section where our small chapel is also situated. Our computer centre has struggled with very old equipment. Kumba has graciously provided us with 5 lovely computers and overhead projector. God has really worked here.

We hope to be very proficient by January 2009. All students are so dependant on people who have knowledge which they can share with others. Here we are so grateful to Futurekids for the guidance and training which you provide for all our Media Officers.

Thank you
God Bless
Yolanda(Secretary) and Dave Victor(Principal)